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Music Companion
Music Theory Companion
Stage Metronome
Stage Metronome

Music Theory Companion

The all in one free app for the music enthusiasts, musicians, composers, Guitar players, Piano Players. 

Features in this app includes:
50+ unique hepta-tonic scales with applicable chords for each scale
A comprehensive chord library showing how chords are formed
Circle of Fifths and Circle of Fourths for all the available scales
Alternative chords suggestions
Metronome with perfect timing
Left/Right handed guitar
Piano etc.
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Stage Metronome

A metronome with perfect timing for the on stage LIVE performance and practice.

Features in this app includes:
Large beat number display
Play time display
Quarter and eighth note support
Easily accessible buttons
Wide range of supported tempo
Tap to set tempo
Volume control with instant mute option
Song management
Background playing
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