Music Companion

Music theory is very important while composing a song. This music theory app is for all the enthusiasts who are interested in studying scales, chords, alternate chords, circle of fifths etc. Music Companion is a quick reference for scales and chords useful for the musicians and composers for finding out new chord progressions while songwriting.

Please, contact us if you find any problems with the app, or you want to suggest new features or want to give us feedback!

You can find following features in this app:
★ Scales → 60+ heptatonic scales are available
★ Chords → chord library that also sows how chords are formed
★ Circle of fifths → for all the available scales
★ Matching Chords → shows alternate chords for any key in a scale
★ Scale Practice → pitch detector with reference scales
★ Metronome → with perfect timing and different sound packs

Other features:
• Left-handed & right-handed realistic guitar fret board
• Advanced and simple note display format for scales
• Support for both sharp (#) and flat (b) notes for root
• Clockwise and anticlockwise circle of fifth direction
• Option to show triads and 7th chords in circle of fifth
• Play chords in sync with the metronome ticks

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